Fire Flow (level 2+)
A strong and playful heat building vinyasa class, with lots of options for inversions, arm balances, & unique transitions. This class is a good opportunity to deepen & expand your practice. Some level of experience is required.

Vinyasa (level 1+)
A moderately paced multi-level flow class, focused on linking breath to movement. There will be options offered to meet the needs of various levels of experience.

Yin-Yasa (level 0+)
This class is a fusion between vinyasa & yin. While we link breath to movement similarly to our regular vinyasa classes, we will also be holding certain grounding poses to promote flexibility and work into the fascia for about 3-5 minutes. Props will be incorporated in this practice to support the body, encouraging the release of tension & muscular effort.

Slow Flow (level 1+)
A slower paced vinyasa class, with the opportunity to hold poses for longer to experience sensation & explore alignment.

Vinyasa Express (level 1+)
45 minutes of straight forward vinyasa for those who need some energy to start the day. Multi-level class with options provided.

Happy Hour Vinyasa (level 1+)
Our signature vinyasa class co-taught by Lianna & Jenna, with themed playlists. This class is not for the easily offended (let's face it, not much of what we do is). Playlists will range from all genres of music (from Korn to Beyonce, and everything in between). We will build heat and flow through dynamic postures and funky transitions. This class is intended to be FUN! Curse, yell, scream, laugh, cry-we invite it all! Class will occasionally be followed with complimentary drinks, snacks, and more.

Meditation (level 0+)
We will explore various meditation techniques including but not limited to guided, silent, recordings, yoga nidra, introductory breath work and chanting, & more. No experience is required. This class will be a unique experience each week, designed to introduce a variety of tools to incorporate into your daily life and home practice.

Move & Meditate (level 0+)
This class will incorporate a combination of slower paced vinyasa movements with the added benefit of a longer meditation. Suitable for all levels, no previous yoga experience required.